Learn the art of restorative yoga, a powerful lifestyle medicine that is helpful to alleviate the stress and overwhelm of the modern age. It is a supportive physical practice that is highly accessible for all student levels and can be modified to be inclusive for a wide variety of student needs. Not to be confused with the wonderful practice of Yin that could be described as a practice of 'doing', Restorative seeks to cultivate a comfortable form and a sense of ease in the body or a state of 'being'. Restorative Yoga is acclaimed to create mind patterns imprinted through the process of neuroplasticity, cultivate inner resilience through practicing parasympathetic dominance, and allowing deep processing and integration.

Course Outcomes

This immersive training will equip you with the important skills, knowledge and confidence to safely guide restorative yoga practices.

What You'll Learn

Expect evidence-based lectures on benefits, history, anatomy, neuroscience and the polyvagal theory. All tailored to individual needs and conditions with specific understanding of the physical, emotional and energetic benefits of postures. You'll be guided through 50-hours of information-rich content including pre-recorded cinema-quality video lectures, written content, asana practices, assessment, with access to your trainer to integrate the information.

Who This Training Is For

Absolutely everyone. This 50-hour restorative yoga teacher training is designed for not just yoga teachers but anyone who is interested in learning more about this practice. We also welcome devoted yoga students who wish to deepen their practice, fitness instructors, healthcare professionals or anyone working within a therapeutic setting.

Flexible Quality Education

Study at your own pace and work around your own schedule. Yogaventures online restorative yoga teacher training is not a crash course, but an invaluable, comprehensive 50-hour training creating an in-depth, hands-on learning experience. We deliver the highest quality of education to your fingertips and pour so much love into our online trainings that it's just like studying IRL!

Meet Daphne

Watch our course introduction video to get a vibe for the training and trainer, Daphne Manhattan. Daph is an experienced restorative yoga teacher trainer, restorative workshop facilitator, yoga therapist and deeply knowledgable in the art of relaxation.

Course Curriculum


Do I have to be a yoga teacher to enrol for training?

You don’t have to be a yoga teacher to enrol. This training is designed for not just yoga teachers, but anyone who is interested in learning more about this practice. 

Do I need prior yoga experience?

To gain the full benefits of this training, we recommend some yoga experience and suggest attending at-least 10 yoga classes in-person or online so that you are familiar with the yoga postures and practices.

Will this course certify me to be a yoga teacher?

Our 50-hour trainings specialty courses and not alone designed to certify graduates to teach yoga if they have not yet completed a Level 1 200-hour yoga teacher training. We recommend undertaking a Level 1 200-hour yoga teacher training in addition to our specialised training so that you can be qualified, registered, and insured as a yoga teacher.

What assessment do I need to complete the training?

In order to complete your training and receive your graduation certificate, you'll need to:

  • Complete all modules, which include passing a short multiple choice quiz at the end of each module with 50% pass rate
  • Complete 10 class participation hours (online or in person)
  • Pass a multiple choice exam with 50% pass rate
  • Submit a class plan and video of yourself teaching a 60-minute class which will be assessed by your teacher trainer. This is to ensure you have understood the principles and are able to provide adequate support and safety considerations.

Is there a time limit for completing the course?

One of the major perks of flexible online self-paced training is studying at your own pace and working around your own schedule. We understand other commitments (work, family, kids, life) so after enrolling, you'll have 6-months to complete your online course with downloadable course materials (yours to keep forever woo hoo!). If you do require an extension to access the online course, this is available for a small re-enrolment fee of $500.

What's better: online training or in person training?

It really depends on personal preference and your learning style. Some students simply prefer face-to-face intensive style of training, whereas others appreciate online training's flexibility and advantage of access to content to review. However, we do find that our online training is more than sufficient to feel confident to go out and teach.

What support can I expect during the course?

We strongly believe teacher trainings should be a space where you feel supported and get all your questions answered. Our goal is to help you succeed, pass assessment, and craft exceptional yoga teachers. We always encourage questions and discussions at any time before, during, and after training. We recommend commenting at the bottom of a lecture (as this is quick, direct access to your teacher trainer). Otherwise please email [email protected] and we'll pass your message on to your teacher trainer.


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